Chapter 121 – Heaven Shower Blades

 Chapter 121 - Heaven Shower Blades

The entire place was so quiet as if everyone was dead.

The claw that Ghost Claw released, frightened everyone. However, as he just stood guard beside Tang Tian like an ordinary old man, he did not reveal anything.

Everyone's gaze on Tang Tian, immediately had a change.

Curiosity, fear, reverence and bewilderment, it was not certain.

Exactly what background did this guy have?

Under the two shockingly powerful attacks, all of Yu Clan's will to resist disappeared into smoke. Other than the sporadic sounds of battle that periodically came out, the remaining Yu Clan members all had stupefied faces that had accepted their fates.

Ming Zi Chun and the rest had already lost all colour from their faces, their hearts were rejoicing endlessly, thinking about it again, if Tang Tian released his Spirit General before, the entire field would had already be flowing with rivers of blood, not one spared alive.

That's good that's good....

Shock was on Shangguan Qian's entire face, while at the same time happiness, but he sighed, as he thought of how Young Master Ah Tian had to experience many things not known to others.

Tang Tian did not care about anything else, and immediately ran towards Han Bing Ning and the rest to check up on them.

Luckily, most of them just had light injuries, and was not hindering them.

"Is this Senior Ghost Claw Nong?" The barefooted big statured man respectfully asked, his beard unkempt, with messy hair and a dirty face, but possessed a heroic martial aura to him.

Ghost Claw stood aloof, as if he did not hear anything.

Tang Tian nodded his head: "En."

Just then Jing Hao walked over, and greeted the barefooted big statured man: "Young uncle master!"

"Haha!" The barefooted big statured man laughed out loud: "Small Jing Hao, we haven't met for so many years, and you've grown so big already!"

Grown so big...

Jing Hao eyes twitched for a bit, he drooped his eyelids, trying to resist the urge to roll his eyes.

I'm almost thirty, and you're saying that to me....

"This is lil bro Tang, successor of Senior Ghost Claw Nong's inheritance, and is one of ours." Jing Hao decided to divert the line of shit: "The thing from the previous time, Lil Bro Tang contributed to it."

The barefooted big statured man suddenly seemed enlightened, he smack his own head, poof, countless amounts of ash, like a mist, spout out from his head.

Upon seeing that, everybody subconsciously took a few steps back.

"So you are Tang Tian!" The barefooted big statured man raised his voice, he was greatly amazed, as he sized Tang Tian up with his eyes, he satisfyingly said: "Your fundamentals are very solid, you have great potential."

Jing Hao was emotionless, his tone full of helplessness, and introduced to Tang Tian: "This is my young uncle master Wu Guang, you don't have to care too much about him."

Wu Guang was not happy: "Small Jing Hao, what do you mean, don't care too much about me? Is this any way you introduce your young uncle master?" His tone changed, filled with familiarness: "Young man Tang, wait until we get familiar with each other, you will know that I am very reliable. Any other business in the future, you have to remember to include me."

"Business?" Tang Tian was confused.

"That's right, murder or starting a fire, breaking into houses, brawling...of course, robbing is something I will not do..." Wu Guang's expression resonated, he patted his chest and said: "Just like this time, you have offended the Clan Union, as long as you are willing to spend, I points can make do too, I can help you kill all the way up the Clan Union, and promise that they will never show their face in Immortal Constellation ever again."

"Clan Union?" it was the first time Tang Tian heard that name.

"A recent rising power." Wu Guang face was of disdain: "This group of people do not train in proper ways, and do not even train martial techniques properly, blindly wanting to take shortcuts, and make themselves not human nor ghosts."

Jing Hao noticed Tang Tian's puzzled face, and knew that Tang Tian was oblivious of all the outside news, and decided to explain: "Clan Union is a clan alliance, their composition is very complex. They have always been researching on the fusion with spirit generals. Seems like, they have succeeded."

"We can fuse with spirit generals?" Tang Tian was even more curious, hearing about so many things in a day, everything was unheard of.

"En." Jing Hao's face turned gloomy: "This has always been a taboo matter. One spirit general, by fusing, swallows another spirit general, and becomes an even stronger spirit general."

Tang Tian was stunned upon hearing that: "That... that's possible?"

Jing Hao saw Tang Tian's expression and smiled: "They are also considered the founders of a school. Other than the spirit general research, there is still the Star Treasure Research and the Blood Meridians Research. Our Honorable Martial Group is the Star Treasure Research, we are better at bringing out the powers of the Star Treasures. While Onyx Soul is better at bringing out the power of blood meridians. These are the two largest research schools, other than that, there is still the Olden Research, they are engrossed in ancient mechanic engineerings, and are attempting to revive the mechanic engineering, these kind of people are very few. In this world, there are many odd and weird research schools."

"Don't listen to him about what research school." Wu Guan snorted: "They are all just trying to take shortcuts! They are obsessed! The spirit generals that they take out, have a lot of side effects. The Martial Dao is my life road!"

"That's right." Jing Hao said respectfully: "They have to first use their own martial spirit print, and create a spirit card, form the spirit general, and then use some sort of swallowing technique, and constantly swallow and fuse with other spirit generals. But because of that, upon looking at the spirit general, it would seem that the power has soared exponentially, but the martial spirit of the spirit general would have already become very mixed, and will cause no end of troubles."

Tang Tian then understood, and nodded his head. Jing Hao was right, it was better for the martial spirit to be pure, then it would be stronger. This point, he had personally experienced.

"Humph, that's not all." Wu Guang shook his head: "This spirit general is born from his own martial spirit imprint, and so as to control the spirit general, they will act and be very familiar and close to the spirit general, when the spirit general becomes very heterogenous, they will devour the owner."

Wu Guang waved his hand, changed the topic while looking fervently at Tang Tian: "So what, so what? You want to do business? Relax, I am very trustworthy, if you don't believe me, ask Small Jing Hao."

Jing Hao looked helpless, as he stared at his own feet: "You don't have to bother about him."

Wu Guang became agitated and angry, placed his hands on his hips and scolded Jing Hao: "Small Jing Hao, how can you treat your young uncle master like this?"

Jing Hao continued staring at his toes, and said: "Ignore him."

Wu Guang bellowed: "Small Jing Hao, don't think that you are grown up and your wings are hard, let me tell you, when you were young I was the one who bought the sweets for you to eat!"

"Obviously you stole them." Jing Hao retorted, but once he said it, his face became red.

So embarrassing!

As expected, he cannot muddle with this scoundrel...

Jing Hao's face color returned to normal: "Why should Lil Bro Tang find you? Unless you're stronger than Senior Ghost Claw? Senior Ghost Claw is the one who created the Fire Scythe Ghost Claw, what have you created?"

Wu Guang immediately snorted so loud it seemed he was leaking air like a balloon.

The claw from Ghost Claw previously, even Wu Guang was surprised by it. Tang Tian had such a strong helper, and definitely did not need his help.

It has been quite awhile since the business has succeeded, if it keeps going on like this, I'll be dead from being poor...

"It's not like we cannot talk about business." Tang Tian rubbed his chin, as though he was talking to himself.

Wu Guang's eyes lit up. As though his legs were filled with gunpowder, he sped to Tang Tian's side: "Oh Oh Oh! Young man you're definitely something special, a good tempered young man! Your perfect insight can practically see through anything in this world!"

Jing Hao indistinctly said: "But unable to see through your skin..."

"Small Jing Hao, although you are someone that I've watched grow up, if you spoil my business, you are my enemy!" Wu Guang's eyes flashed a fierce light: "Do not force me to draw my blade!"

"Your blade is already corroded, just now, when you pulled it out, don't think I did not see it...." Jing Hao coldly replied.

Wu Guang was almost going to wail out and pounce onto Jing Hao, when Tang Tian suddenly extended his finger, and he immediately stopped his body. Wu Guang turned over and looked at Tang Tian's finger earnestly.

"These few friends of mine wish to join our group, but they are under Minister Kong hands, what do we do?" Tang Tian turned and asked Wu Guang.

Jing Hao faintly sharpened his blade and said: "This, you can leave it up to me...."

Wu Guang's eyes jumped, his heart was filled with regret, just now why did he have to brandish his weapon and remind the asshole? This asshole should be cut to death!

Wu Guang clenched his teeth and said: "I will settle it for you right now."

He suddenly raised his voice and shouted: "Minister Kong please come out for a chat!"

A long dexterous figure flew out and landed on a nearby roof, donning silk clothes, Kong Yi Yu smiled: "Heaven Shower Blades Master Wu, I trust you have been well since the last time we met."

She carefully maintained her distance, she had personally witnessed the Heaven Shower Blades' ferocious power from Wu Guang's blade just then. And he was known for being unreasonable.

"Minister Kong, Old Wu has a matter that requires your assistance." Wu Guang loudly said: "These few brats are all yours, I'm not sure if Minister Kong can forsake them?"

Kong Yi Yu's expression fluctuated.

Although the four of them were losing in the battle just now, and were not as eye-catching as Tang Tian, she could tell that the four of them had great potential and great prospects. And she even initially thought to pull Tang Tian over through the four of them.

But it seems that now, there was no hope.

Especially when she saw Wu Guang's unkind gaze, she eagerly smiled: "They are able to receive Heaven Shower Blades' recognition, it is their good fortune. I wish Master Wu to treat them well, as their talents are all not bad."

Once she finished she waved her hands, and four cards flew towards the four of them.

As if the four soft cards were being controlled by an invisible hand, they flew just right in front of the four people.

"Every person gets 10 points, treat it as my meager gift." Kong Yi Yu speech had completely recovered, her face being very natural.

Kong Yi Yu gave so much face, Wu Guang was very happy, and with his cheeky face he turned to Jing Hao to show off.

"Everyone keep them." Wu Guang waved his hand, and cupped his fist with his other palm towards Kong Yi Yu and said loudly: "Thank you Minister Kong, if there is anything in the coming days that you need help with, just give Old Wu a message."

Kong Yi Yu continued smiling: "This small matter is not worth mentioning, Master Wu is too courteous."

Wu Guang turned, looked at Tang Tian, and patted his chest: "Such a small matter, don't bother about it."

Jing Hao continued to coldly sharpen his blade: "It is a small matter to begin with."

Wu Guang's smile froze on his face.

Tang Tian straightforwardly asked: "I want the Clan Union to be unable to enter Immortal Constellation."

"1000 Points!" Wu Guang was overjoyed, once again smacked his chest and bellowed: "As long as you give me 1000 points, I promise, the Clan Union will not step into Immortal Constellation half a step."

"Be careful of this unscrupulous businessman." Jing Hao's cold and vague voice, once again came out.

Wu Guang glared at him.

Jing Hao acted like he did not see anything, and continued to say: "Inside the Group there are many free experts..."

Wu Guang immediately snorted, his face imploring: "800 Points! One time offer! An expert like me, if I come out with such a low price, once word gets out, I won't have any face left."

"I'll give you 1500 points." Tang Tian shook his head: "But you must make sure it is done properly."

To Tang TIan, 1500 points was too cheap, for Ghost Claw to come out, it cost him 1000 points, and he could only come out and be maintained for three days. To come out a few more times, he will not be able to take it.

Wu Guang was stunned, but immediately became very happy, killing intent soaring on his face: "Good! I will root out and cleanse all the Clan Union's stronghold in Immortal Constellation and the nearby areas! And I won't even let any rats off!"

A substantial amount of killing intent soared through the air, causing everyone's faces to change color.
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