Chapter 116 – Therefore

 Chapter 116 - Therefore

Yu Jin Hong had a bad feeling. If the truth was exposed today, the Yu Clan would definitely be the target of public criticism.

It just so happens that the fellow in front was too firm for comfort. He obviously did not possess any strange techniques, but his moves flowed continuously, like a stream of water, extremely annoying, and he had no way of escaping from the other party.

But he knew that the situation was urgent, so no matter what, he could not let Tang Tian put a false charge on him.

Yu Jin Hong flashed a stern look, his hands curled up, as though strumming the lute, and started strumming.


It was as though the strings vibrated and caused a resonance in the cavity, deep and tremoring.

Liang Qiu turned serious, gave a cold snort, and slowly pushed his palms outwards. His moves were extremely slow, as though it took a lot of effort, his clothes flared up, and the surrounding air seemed to stop flowing.

Both parties' energies clashed.

Liang Qiu moaned, his feet sank completely into the soil, his clothes ripped into pieces and fluttered like butterflies, he retreated ten steps continuously and each footprint was deep and clear as though they were carved in.

Yu Jin Hong looked even worse, his hair was disheveled and a pool of fresh blood oozed out from the corner of his mouth.

However, at this moment, he could not care less, he took the opportunity to widen the gap, and bellowed sternly, "Tang Tian, don't you try to slander my Yu Clan! The feud with the Shangguan Clan, it was never a taboo in our Yu Clan! That was a family feud, but today, this is a personal feud! Ze Qing and I, we have both admired Miss Qian Hui for a long time, but we know that we are not worthy of her, thus we drowned our sorrows in wine. Everyone, such feelings, is it wrong? How is it different from everyone? Our feelings are true for the Heaven to witness. This battle today, was only for a reason, this vulgar Tang Tian, how can he be worthy of Miss Qian Hui?"

The young masters on the lamppost, revealed expressions of empathy. What Yu Jin Hong said had struck a chord with them.

By then Yu Ze Qing has calmed down, he pretended to be grieved and indignant, "That's right! I promoted this matter! I was just indignant! I'll take responsibilities for my own actions, whatever you all got, come at me! I'm willing to die a worthy death for Miss Qian Hui!"

Everyone looked grieved, and feelings of empathy arose, some eyes even reddened with tears.

Shangguan Wei panicked, he never thought that these two would be so eloquent, just when they were about to reveal the Yu Clan's conspiracy, in the blink of an eye, they were about to make them turn the game over!

"Die a worthy death?" Tang Tian broke into a smile, "Very well."

Everyone snapped out of the grieving atmosphere that Yu Ze Qing has just created, in their eyes, Tang Tian's smile now looked extremely savage.

Tang Tian pointed to Yu Ze Qing, "Strip him."

Yu Ze Qing's expression changed, shouting in horror, "One can be killed, but not humiliated!"

Shangguan Wei was about to rush forward without further ado, but was blocked by Tang Tian, Tang Tian pointed to others, "Let them do it, other than Huo Yan Guang, untie the rest of them."

Shangguan Wei untied all the young masters.

"Whoever refuses to take action, heh heh!" Tang Tian sneered.

The young masters were like frightened animals, and immediately rushed forward to strip Yu Ze Qing bare.

Yu Jin Hong's eyes were almost bursting with rage, but he was deeply entangled with Liang Qiu. The peace-loving Liang Qiu had been enraged this time, Yu Jin Hong actually dared to act innocent and turned the tables in front of him, that was his mistake.

The enraged Liang Qiu was relatively scary.

No matter what Yu Jin Hong did, even if it was a killer move like just now, he still could not escape Liang Qiu's pestering.

Tang Tian turned around, and surveyed the young masters.

All of them kept absolutely silent.

"From today onwards, I'm your Big Boss!" Tang Tian waved his hand, "Alright, greet me!"

The young masters looked at each other.

"Hmm?" Tang Tian narrowed his eyes.

The young masters instantly became like frightened rabbits, hurriedly shouting, "Big Boss!"

Tang Tian looked dissatisfied, "Didn't you eat? Louder! Whoever is soft again, I'll throw him down from here."

"Big Boss!"

The young masters mustered up their strength and shouted loudly, each turning red at the neck.

Tang Tian then looked satisfied, however, he noticed someone, Huo Yan Guang, who was still tied up, had his mouth closed tightly.

"Eh, why didn't you call?" Tang Tian single-handedly pulled Guang over.

"Kill me, or do whatever you want!" Guang's eyes were blazing.

"Very good, I love people with character." Tang Tian clapped his hands, "Strip him!"

Guang's expression changed, and roared furiously, "You dare!"

Tang Tian broke into a smile, "Why wouldn't I?"

"Using martial strength to humiliate others, is not what a gentleman does!" Guang choked out this sentence.

"I won against you, so you are my prisoner." Tang Tian seemed natural, "No matter how I choose to deal with my prisoner, that's for me to decide, I don't need the consent of the prisoner."

Upon seeing Tang Tian's smug expression, Huo Yan Guang could not wait to tear him into million pieces.

"Strip him, whoever refuses to take action, think twice." Tang Tian waved his hands.

The young masters, who had keeled to Tang Tian's threats, could only bite the bullet.

"Brother Guang, sorry."

"Brother Guang, we are under him, we have no choice but to comply."

"Brother Guang, life is like getting raped, if you can't resist, you can only enjoy......"


Huo Yan Guang nearly vomited blood, if he was not tied up, he would have definitely given the fellow who mentioned rape a tight slap.

But when everyone's hands touched his clothes, Guang instantly felt his scalp went numb. At the thought of being stripped bare and hung like Yu Ze Qing, he trembled with fear.

"Hang on!"

In desperation, Guang yelled, everyone's gaze gathered on him, and he felt his face burning up.

"Big...... Big Boss... ..." He squeezed out these two words from his teeth.

Tang Tian shook his head, "Too soft."

By now, Guang went all out, closed his eyes, and bellowed angrily: "Big Boss!"

After yelling that, Guang felt both humiliated and relieved, this feeling sure felt like getting raped, as they said...... Bastards! Who mentioned rape just now?

Tang Tian had a face of satisfaction, and waved his hands, "Not bad, not bad, you will be under my protection in future."

Huo Yan Guang felt that he even lost his desire to speak.

Was this the feeling of giving up on oneself after getting raped...... Bastard! Who mentioned rape just now?

Yu Ze Qing's face was ashen, he felt extremely grieved and indignant, his whole body was cold, multiple looks of empathy and jeering was concentrated on him, and he wished he could dig a hole and hide in it.

Tang Tian! You wait! The Yu Clan will definitely not let you off!

Those mysterious masters, they will not spare you either!

By that time, I will definitely return him all the humiliation received today a hundred fold!

Just then, Tang Tian's steel-like voice came from overhead, he was speaking to the entire square.

"Whoever you are, from which clan, I don't care. Whatever you think, I don't care either. How formidable and strong you are, I don't care either. I don't understand much, neither do I know much. However, I never dread battles! Whoever dares to be my foe, be prepared to accept my fury and counterattack."

Tang Tian was above the others, looking down at the crowd below, he broke into a smile, but his words made everyone else unable to smile.


The smoky lad stood atop the lamppost, bared his snowy white teeth, his voice resounded throughout the square, resolute and indisputable, as though in a trial.

"The Yu Clan must die!"


"The Yu Clan must die... ..."

"The Yu Clan must die... ..."

The echoes reverberated throughout the square, and within the hearts of the crowd.

The huge square was dead silent.

Everyone was deeply awed by this domineering declaration. Never had anyone, under public scrutiny, in front of so many enemies, dared to make such a declaration. Behind Tang Tian, those young masters were all stunned pale. Even Ming Zi Chun, Yun Yi Yao and the other two, looked at Tang Tian incredulously. Even Huo Yan Guang's arrogant face was stunned by Tang Tian's speech.

Was he not worried of creating more grudges?

Was he not worried of being besieged on all sides?


Shangguan Wei was stunned by Tang Tian's speech as well, but following that, he felt as though something had been ignited at the bottom of his heart. He clenched his fists tight! What was with the feeling of being stunned numb? That burning feeling, as though all his blood vessels were boiling, what exactly was going on? That feeling of not regretting even if he died in battle with Uncle now, what was with that too!

Son-in-law... ...

Even Missy would not go this far!

Unknowingly, Yaya scurried out, it climbed up Tang Tian's shoulders, its tiny face flushed red, and beat its own breastplate with its tiny bow agitatedly.

Tang Tian raised his leg, and step on the barricade around the lamppost, his arrogant gaze, swept through the crowd, he slowly raised his right fist, the green Fornax Fire that enveloped the fist gloves was skipping, like a torch burning in the night, attracting the attention of all.

Tang Tian took a deep breath, and suddenly bellowed, "Shangguan Clan!"

The situation before was depressing, each Shangguan disciple's spirits were down in the dumps. They were filled with rage, terror and despair deep inside.

Their feelings, which had been suppressed, were instantly ignited.

All the Shangguan disciples' faces flushed red, their blood was boiling like raging fire inside their bodies. As though an innate ability, everyone raised their weapons high in the air, and using all of their strength, bellowed, "Shangguan Clan!"

There had never been a day like today, where the Shangguan Clan became the public enemy. There had never been a day like today, where the Shangguan Clan was besieged on all sides. There had never been a day like today, where, even if they were enemies with the entire world, they were fearless.

Countless bellows amassed into angry waves, with a terrorising power, and swept across the entire square, swept across everyone's heart.

Everyone flinched.

Even Huo Yan Guang behind Tang Tian, revealed a face of terror.

"Target, Yu Clan!"

Tang Tian bellowed.

"Target, Yu Clan!"

Numerous roars rang freely throughout the skies!

Tang Tian trod on the barricade, lept down like a giant bird, and firmly landed before the Shangguan disciples.


Tang Tian's gaze was dense, he pronounced each syllable clearly, and started to move out.


The bellows continued behind in waves, and the Shangguan disciples moved out.

Like a raging torrent, unstoppable.

The crowd in the square, involuntarily made way for them, they were silent, their gazes mixed with shock and terror!
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