Chapter 104 – Peacock Peacock

 Chapter 104 - Peacock Peacock

"Such strong intuition." A tall statured person suddenly said amongst the crowd.

A male with a -shaped moustache beside him nodded, and was somewhat astonished: "It's the first time I'm seeing a brat like him with such monstrous intuition."

Both of them were strong, and with one look, they could that Tang Tian's ability to punch Yu Ming Qiu, was not relying on speed, but intuition. Tang Tian could very well use his advantage, other than making the first move, all the other times he used small movements and steps to dodge and intercept. Just using his strong intuition advantage to great brilliance.

People with strong intuition were rarely seen, and to be able to consciously use it to its maximum during battles was even more rare.

"Yu Ming Qiu still requires sharpening." The tall man said unhappily.

"He was constrained for too long." moustached man said: "But, he does not lack in battle instincts."

"En." With that phrase, the tall man agreed: "Sadly we did not see Shangguan Qian Hui, I'm really curious, how strong Shangguan Qian Hui really is."

"How powerful can she really be?" The moustached man seemed to object and said: "She's only that old."

"Don't look down on her, don't forget, 'That' is still in her hands." The tall man reminded.

"En, sadly she is not here, heng heng!" The moustached man immediately said: "Let's continue watching, Yu Ming Qiu and his armor set are quite compatible."

"I still feel that the kid that seems to be a bit stupid is not bad." The tall man raised his eyebrows and said.

"He is Shangguan Qian Hui's man, forget about it." The moustached man coldly said.

"I was just casually saying." The tall man shrugged.


Slap, slap, slap, the jaded armor on Yu Ming Qiu's arms dispersed and floated around his arm. Each jaded armor turned into a ray of aura and penetrated into his body.

Over ten rays of aura continued to penetrate into Yu Ming Qiu's body.

Tang Tian squinted his eyes and stared at Yu Ming Qiu. he could clearly sense Yu Ming Qiu's powers rising continuously, but he had still not made a move.

He stared tightly at the armor Yu Ming Qiu was wearing. Uncle Bing told him that this was the Sculptor Constellation's armor. Even though they only contacted one another for a short period of time, Tang Tian got the upper hand earlier on. Because Yu Ming Qiu did not know Tang Tian's intuition was this strong.

But in Tang Tian's perspective, Yu Ming Qiu was not familiar with this armor.

It seemed that he had just gotten this armor not long ago...

All the distracting thoughts vanished from Tang Tian's mind. He looked closely at Yu Ming Qiu and slowly squinted his eyes. He was very calm.

In a battle, Tang Tian was like a changed man. His thoughts would be unusually active, yet calm. The places that were not clear rapidly became clear in his mind.

Qian Hui was not here... Uncle Qian and the rest were in trouble... Someone planned this under the table... There was a mastermind behind Yu Ming Qiu...

A faded clue became clear in his mind.

These people, how dare they plot against Qian Hui...

The calmness in Tang Tian's squinched eyes faded slowly, and a thing called danger started brewing quickly like the formation of grey clouds.

Just as the rascal was at his strongest, he would destroy him completely!

In a few moments, this thought jumped out of Tang Tian's heart. The calm thinking quickly turned fuzzy, and it was replaced with instincts. But the instincts told him the same thing, it was not a bad idea.

Since that was the case... then I shall let you die honorably!

Tang Tian kept his gaze and stood up once again. If Yu Ming Qiu relied on other methods, Tang Tian might not be confident, but if he only used the armor, Tang Tian had no fear at all.

Tang Tian suddenly opened up both his arms.


Tang Tian's actions garnered the attention of many people.

Everyone was surprised at Yu Ming Qiu's ferociousness. But everyone was even more surprised at Tang Tian, who jumped out of nowhere. As compared to the free, easy, elegant, strong and valiant Yu Ming Qiu, Tang Tian did not seem impressive. So, when Shanguang Qian said Tang Tian was Shangguan Qian Hui's man, everyone gasped.

In comparison with Yu Ming Qiu, Tang Tian's powers seemed ordinary such that he did not shine at all. Until he made a move and injured Yu Ming Qiu, everyone then looked up to this dumb looking, stupefied young lad.

What Tang Tian was good at, some saw through, but most of them did not.

When Yu Ming Qiu's powers were rising, Tang Tian's actions were even more eye-catching.

Everyone was curious. This dumb looking young lad Tang Tian, how was he going to fight with Yu Ming Qiu.

"Huh?" the tall man outside suddenly gasped. He straightened his back and stared tightly at Tang Tian.

"What do you feel?" The -shaped moustache kept his gaze on Tang Tian too as he asked quickly.

"There's a wave!" The tall man face was straight: "A very strong energy wave!"

"It's the armor!" The -shaped moustache exclaimed.

Just as the -shaped moustache man's words left his mouth, Tang Tian bellowed: "Peacock!"



Tang Tian's roars resounded through the ears of the audience, as if there were countless of people shouting together.

A layer of blue aura appeared at a very fast speed from Tang Tian's toes. Following his body, it expanded and covered his wide opened arms. In the blink of an eye, a blue coloured feather armor appeared on Tang Tian's body.

It was such a mesmerizing blue. The feather armour opened slowly and covered his shoulders. On it stood a cold, proud peacock. The three red colored feathers floated lightly on its forehead. As it raised its head, its eyes were filled with arrogance.


What a strong power that gushed out into the sky like a spewing volcano.

Tang Tian squinted his eyes. Almost at the same time, the peacock on his shoulders squinched its eyes too. The eyes of the peacock emitted a layer of silver radiance. Its eyes looked silver and added onto its icy personality.

If Jing Hao saw this peacock, he would be taken aback, because it was now even more powerful. After the last battle with the Onyx Soul, the peacock saved Tang Tian's life. Hearing that a secret technique could nourish and strengthen a Martial Spirit of a Star Treasure, Tang Tian spent a thousand credits to buy a secret technique

This technique was called [Nurture Treasure Records].

It was not complicated to strengthen a treasure's Martial Spirit. All it required was to feed the Martial Spirit with spirit nuclei, then use his own Martial Spirit as the flame to cultivate the treasure and help remove all the residue inside the spirit nuclei. There were two advantages to this, first, it could strengthen the treasure Martial Spirit, and at the same time, it could be cleansed. The other good point was that it could allow the treasure Martial Spirit to be closer to his own Martial Spirit. As such, the treasure and the owner would have a more intimate relationship. The owner could then maximise the potential of a treasure more.

Tang Tian had now possessed over a thousand credits. These credits came easy and he did not feel the pinch when he spent them.

The main thing was that his Martial Spirit was super strong with a power level of five. It had already become a Silver Martial Spirit, and this was beyond anyone's imagination. The silver Martial Spirit very quickly proved its powerfulness. The peacock today was a lot stronger. The key point between Tang Tian and the peacock's communication was previously fuzzy, but is now clearer.

Although they were all Bronze Armors, the Blue Peacock was obviously more powerful than the Magnificent Jade Bright Autumn Armor.


"Such a strong armor!" The -shaped moustache man was stunned by he frowned: "It's from the Pavo constellation. Has the Pavo constellation produced any strong martial artists? It's impossible for such an armor to have no seniors."

"There seem to have been one in the Honorable Martial Group. He was Ghost Claw and he used Pavo Constellation armor." The tall man stared at Tang Tian without the intention to shift his gaze away as he said quickly.

"This rascal is from the Honorable Martial Group?" The -shaped moustache man knitted his brow even more. If Tang Tian had the background of the Honorable Martial Group, then this matter would be even more complicated.

For a such a big organisation like Honorable Martial Group to be implicated, it would be very troublesome.

"I think so." the tall man said: "The Honorable Martial Group are experts in all Star Treasures, and are incomparable in their knowledge. You see the peacock's eyes, its bright eyes, it must have gone through tempering."

"What a pain in the ass. Seems like Yu Ming Qiu has met a strong enemy." The -shaped moustache man obviously did not see any potential in Yu Ming Qiu.

"Yeah." the tall man never expected things to take a turn.

The two frowned tightly.


Yu Ming Qiu stared blankly at Tang Tian who was a changed man. This rascal who seemed like an idiot actually had an armor!

A gush of jealousy burned his heart immediately.

And a stronger armor than what he had!

For a man like him, how did he deserve an armor stronger than what he owned?


Yu Ming Qiu eyes burned in jealousy as he glared at Tang Tian. His intention to kill grew. A voice sounded through in his heart: "As long as you kill this rascal, you can get this stronger armor. As long as you kill this rascal, you can be the king when you return. Everyone will remember your name...

You just have to kill this man!

Only had to kill this one person!

Yu Ming Qiu's eyes were blazing with anger. All these years, he had lived like trash. He had become more and more twisted. And in such a crucial point, he wanted to announce his return, announce that he was stronger than ever, but...

Everything was ruined by this rascal.


He only had to kill this man!

And he could get everything he wanted.

Slap, slap, slap! The jaded armor on Yu Ming Qiu's body dispersed continuously to turn into auras and penetrate his body. On his face, he revealed that he was in pain, but his strength was growing at an astonishing rate.

Tang Tian stared at his opponent calmly. In his heart, he shook his head. Ever since he bought the [Nurture Treasure Records], he finally had a better understanding of Martial Spirit treasures.

The difference between treasures and other things laid in its Martial Spirit. The Martial Spirit in treasures, the higher the level, the higher it spiritually was, and it would experience more emotions greatly. In a treasure, whether a Martial Spirit treasure would get close to you or distance itself away from you, strongly affected how formidable it would be.

From the [Nurture Treasure Records], Tang Tian learnt a word, trust.

You had to trust your treasures. The more you trusted your treasures, the more powerful it would become, and you would have built a better rapport with it.

But Yu Ming Qiu did not trust in his armor anymore.

It was a pity, Tang Tian looked at the rays of radiance in sadness. In that radiance was all the sadness of the Martial Spirit from the armor.

He was not fit to possess an armor.

Then, let everything end.

Tang Tian kept his gaze and lowered his body. He spread opened his arms and clenched his fists tightly!
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