Chapter 100 – Jing Hao got played

 Chapter 100 - Jing Hao got played

"Lyra Treasury?" Jing Hao squinted his eyes.

Upon hearing Jing Hao's question, Tang Tian snorted, and retracted his fist.

The pressure on the lady in black decreased, she quietly relaxed herself. Hearing from Jing Hao's tone, she could tell that Jing Hao was clearly somewhat interested in the Lyra Treasury. Her mind was quickly thinking, and she quickly said: "I imagine Mr. Jing Hao has heard of the Lyra Treasury before too. Three thousand years ago, the Lyra Constellation was popular, but after only forty years they were destroyed and disappeared. And the new Star Treasures of the Lyra Constellation, were all unaccounted for."

"You're saying, the Lyra Treasury is somewhere below here?" Jing Hao remained calm and collected and ask.

"That's right." The lady in black said straightforwardly and nodded: "And only I know the location."

"Jing Hao laughed coldly: "I have been here for so many years and I have never found any clues that leads to any treasure here."

The lady in black slightly sneered and in a mocking voice: "Then why would the Honorable Martial Group choose this place to make an outer barracks?"

Jing Hao became sluggish, he just remembered the reason for the big tomb outer barracks. The senior who found the place at that time, was because he found an undulation of Star Treasure, but he could not find any, and therefore established the big tomb outer barracks under the beehive mountain range.

Lyra Treasury, it was the first time Jing Hao heard that name. Lyra Constellation was previously an extremely flourished and celebrated Constellation, and the Lyra Constellation back then, had so many experts under them. With brave individuals as plentiful as the number of raindrops, they were hailed as the strongest constellation of their time. But no one could think that, such a strong constellation would actually, in a short forty year period, plummet to destruction and disappear.

The reason for the annihilation of Lyra Constellation, has always been a mystery, and until now no one knew why. The Lyra Emperor disappeared along with the destruction. All the wealth, while the few most important Star Treasures of Lyra Constellation, especially the Gold Star Treasure and the Gold Heavenly Zither, disappeared.

So from the history it was passed down that there was a Lyra Treasury, and it held all the great Star Treasures of Lyra Constellation.

"Where did you learn of this from?" Jing Hao asked.

"I naturally have my ways of obtaining information." The lady in black calmly said: "If not, why would I have spent so much effort and energy to come here."

"Ok." Jing Hao nodded: "Give me the location of the treasury, and I will let you go."

The lady in black had a strong sneer to her tone: "How can I trust in what you say?"

Jing Hao frowned: "Unless you feel that you have a margin to bargain?"

"Where is the Lyra Treasury? How do you go in? Other than me there is no one else who knows, if you kill me, you're never getting in." The lady in black laughed: "Unless we make a deal."

Jing Hao wanted to say something, but suddenly Tang Tian interrupted the lady in black: "Hey, did you kill Baldie?"

The lady in black was stunned, she shook her head: "No."

"Oh, lucky you did not, if you did, you'd already be dead!" Tang Tian snorted coldly, he turned and was prepared to walk: "Big Bro Jing Hao, I'll be leaving first."

"Wait! You don't want to know where the treasury is? Don't you want the treasure?" The lady in black stated hurriedly, as he saw Tang Tian wanting to leave.

"Yes, I want it." Tang Tian stopped in his footsteps but he looked at the lady in black: "But, I don't like you. You're a heartless woman and I hate to be with you."

The lady in black sunk. She thought of all the excuses Tang Tian could make but she never expected Tang Tian to say such a thing to her.

Oh, so he was a dumb person.

Her eyes rolled and tempted him: "The Lyra Treasury contains more than one gold rank treasure. The three of us can have one each. You don't like me, but you can't just give all this up because of me, with these treasures, you can become stronger. And then, you can take whatever you want."

This dumb one better ponder about this...

Tang Tian looked at the lady in black with sympathy and said straight off: "A person like you can never understand the ambitions of a godlike young lad. I want to become stronger, not to gain something out from it. And because of my desires, I want to protect Qian Hui. I want to go to Heaven's Road. If you focus mainly on chasing after treasures, then it just means you're a lazy bum and you want to take short cuts. I'm not smart enough, I don't know how to take short cuts. No matter how strong the treasure will be, how can it replace the sweat and hardwork I have put in? I believe, sweat will make me stronger, the true almighty. Do you know why?"

The lady in black was stunned.

Tang Tian's expression was serious: "Because sweat will never lie."

Jing Hao's had a shameful look, he thought of his anticipation and excitement. After hearing Tang Tian's words, he suddenly remembered Tang Tian's crazy improvements, and where they came from."

He took a deep breath, and looked to Tang Tian seriously and bowed: "Brother Tang's words, have awakened me!"

After he finished he immediately turned, and spoke to the lady in black: "You can go, after listening to Brother Tang's words, I won't kill you!"

The lady in black looked at the two in a daze just as they were about to leave. She suddenly thought, "what was wrong with this world?" From her perspective, what Tang Tian said was a joke. Everyone on this earth was chasing after treasures. Why was he trying to act?

Fake it, just fake it. The both of you will definitely turn back...

Go ahead, just walk away. The both of you will definitely turn back...

But no matter how she disapproved, the two silhouettes got farther and farther away.

For the first time, she, a lady who had always been calm and wise, felt an urge to curse. She actually met two such low lying bastards!

Never mind that bastard young lad saying a ton of bullshit. With one look, she could tell he was young and naive, a young lad with no experience.

But Jing Hao acted along as well. Could it be Jing Hao knew nothing of it? How could he not know each and every talented young lad, who was young and was an expert were all produced from countless resources? Was the Corona Borealis Sword on your hand a mere stick?

But, the two bastards were actually walking far away now...

The lady in black was shocked. Thinking about it, the mysterious yet strong blood meridians were also getting farther away from her. Acting fast, as if she had just woken up from her dream. She rushed towards the direction the two had disappeared earlier on without another word

"Big Bro Jing Hao, why didn't you kill her?" Tang Tian asked curiously as he walked.

"Brother, hearing from you today, your stupid brother can only feel his blood boiling, but there was no intention to kill. So, let's just spare her life." Jing Hao said solemnly, but a face burning: "Recently, my sword techniques reached a bottleneck. I still can't get a breakthrough. Up until today, hearing you saying that, I finally understood. We chase after strength to make ourselves stronger, to reach a higher realm. As we blindly chase after strength, we borrow from outer sources and that, in turn, brings us down."

"Aye, Big Bro Jing Hao, you're dumb." Tang Tian looked at Jing Hao in disdain: "I said that to lie to her."

Jing Hao's fanatical expression instantly turned solemn.

"I think she must be bullshitting. What ever Lyra Treasury, it's all lies." Tang Tian had not yet sensed Jing Hao's awkwardness, as he continued saying out loud: "Just look at her arrogant face, making it up as if it were real. If there were some sort of treasury, we would have long found it. When will it ever be her turn? Haha, she must be very sad now! Thinking she could fool us, indeed, in front of a godlike young lad, it was all slags!"

The corner of Jing Hao's eye twitched. From his gritted teeth, he enunciated: "What you said were lies?"

"Of course!" Tang Tian said proudly: "If there really was treasure, I'd be the first to rush over. Do you take me as a fool. Let me tell you, I'm very smart, whatever gold rank treasures, even if it has no use for me, it's good to just sell them away to earn some bucks. It was not easy to catch this opportunity, of course I have to put on a show. But Big Bro Jing Hao should kill her after my show."

Jing Hao: "..."

"Aye, she's here!" Tang Tian suddenly prod at Jing Hao's blurred face and whispered: "Act with me..."

Jing Hao: "..."


The lady in black caught up. She was trying to think of a way to move the bastard! Only when Tang Tian started exploring the treasure then would she have a chance to get close to him and obtain Tang Tian's blood meridians.

If she was direct about it, it might stir up Tang Tian's precautions.

What should she do...

"Hey, I want to be a part of the Honorable Martial Group!"

The lady in black blurted out from behind.

Tang Tian and Jing Hao stumbled upon hearing this sentence.

Be a part of the Honorable Martial Group...

The lady in black said seriously: "I feel that the Honorable Martial Group has a future. And I feel that the Honorable Martial Group is more suitable for my developments, so I have decided to give up on my wrong way of living to turn for a better one and be a part of the Honorable Martial Group."

Jing Hao felt as if he was going crazy. He was being tortured by two crazy people. His expression cold and without hesitation, he shook his head: "No way! The Honorable Martial Group will never allow a person like you to join! I will give you one minute to disappear, or else, I will not show you mercy!"

Jing Hao's face sunk. It was forgivable that he was played by Tang Tian, but to be played by a sore loser?

Without a second word, he had the Corona Borealis sword in his hand pointing at the lady in black. It was clear what his intention was.

The lady's heart dropped. Jing Hao's intention to kill was real. She knew if she offended Jing Hao and continued pestering, she would lose her life.

She looked deeply at Tang Tian and without a word, she turned and left.

I will find out all about you!

"Big Bro Jing Hao actually made her go..." Tang Tian rubbed his chin and muttered: "Unless, Big Bro Jing Hao has feelings for her?"

Jing Hao's chest exploded in anger. He turned and smiled slyly: "Come on, young lad. Let's spar!"

Tang Tian was overjoyed. without any fear, he posed: "Come on!"

Very quickly, Jing Hao regretted inviting Tang Tian to spar.

Because Tang Tian was wearing him out once again. Then the two started meditating. Then, after another hour, the energetic Tang Tian jumped up to invite him for another sparring session and then...

It was like a familiar yet vicious cycle...

Damn it, why did he had to be so calculative with a bastard...

Jing Hao was remorseful.
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