4 Kronos Village

 When Gregory regains his vision he finds himself standing just outside Kronos village. He looks down and see's the character model he designed and is quite pleased with it. He quickly presses his menu to see his character stats and skills.

Name: War King

HP 24/24

Title: None

Affiliation: None

Level: 1

Attack: 10

Defence: 6

Speed: 7

Vitality: 8

Stamina: 9

Racial Skills: Berserker Rage, Bestial Transformation (Gained Through Special Achievement)

Class Skills: Dash, Chop

Items: Tattered shirt, pants, shoes, hat. Rusted sword.

Gregory gets a bad feeling looking at the Bestial Transformation skill.

Bestial Transformation

For a duration of 3 minutes, you can take the form of any beast you have slain previously. You gain that beasts abilities and strength corresponding with your own level. Duration also increases with your level (level x 3). Can be cancelled by user. cooldown: 30min

(Gained through being the First one at Kronos Village)

"WHY MUST IT BE A ANIMAL SKILL." Gregory despondently cries out. with a sense of discouragement, he looks at his other skills.

Berserker Rage

For a 2 minute period, gain 10% more damage, however you also take 10% more damage. 10% more damage Cannot be negated. Cooldown: 30min


Dash foward quickly in the direction you are facing. Has a 15% chance to knock over anyone in the way. does not work on large or bigger creatures. Gain 5% increase in damage if attacking while dashing. Dash cannot be performed if immobilzed or stunned. Cooldown: 6 seconds


A downward swing on your sword, dealing 120% damage. cannot be performed while prone. Cooldown: 6 Seconds

"I guess the other skills are not bad." Looking around for awhile, he starts getting confused. " I get that this place sounds bad, but still, shouldn't there be at least a couple more people here?" he waits for awhile, then just decides to ignore it for now then walks into the village.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"Someone was teleported to Kronos Village already!" A man at his work station exclaims loudly. "What? I thought one needed to get a suggestion from Theta before they could even get the option. But even then, the Kronos Village description makes it look so sketchy most wouldn't risk it anyway." Says the superior coming over with a frown on his face.

" This guy seemed upset with the randomly generated skill he got though. he looked pretty depressed." the worker said laughing. " Well with all of his luck used up getting to Kronos Village, I wouldn't be surprised if it was a bad skill." The superior replies with a smile. 'Watch that guy closely. There are a lot of extreme quests in that village that even level 15 players would have difficulty beating." The worker looks surprised and hesitatingly asks " Why is Kronos Village so hard this early on?" The superior looks at him, them sighs quietly. " Kronos Village was made by the fighting madman of our company. Although the quests are extreme, the rewards are just as good to the point its almost outrageous. Moreover, once one leaves Kronos Village to a town, you cannot go back again."

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Gregory is currently sitting in the middle of the village with a frenzied look in his eyes. " Every single Titan in this village is so damn eccentric it is making me insane."

"You want to help me? Go hunt 300 Black Rabbits for me." "Eh, help? Go find the cane I lost in the wolf caves in the north." "Go find me 125 iron ores in the area around the wolf caves, here's a pickaxe." " Go get me 150 pelts from the Wild Blood Dogs in the plains to the east."

With a crazed look he decides to walk up to the last Titan he has yet to speak to in the villages outer area. "Hello, do you need help with anything?" The Titan looks at Gregory for a while before saying, " Yeah actually I do. Can you take this message to the outpost south of here for me?" while almost teary eyed from happiness, he quickly grabs the message scroll and starts heading toward the entrance of the village. The Titan looked to want to stop him, but he already took off. " that guy looked excited, but I don't know if he can make it to the outpost." The Titan looked worried, but decided to ignore it. " If he took it, he must have some confidence to complete the task."