Gregory King is living his dream life. He lives in a one story two bedroom one bathroom house. It is a small cozy home that he has spent the last five years in. Gregory is currently 31 years old, with no wife, no kids, and no close relatives. Although it is like this, Gregory is very happy man. He has a good paying job with good hours that he enjoys, good friends that he see's often, and no shortage of things to do. Gregory cannot be considered handsome, or ugly, but if you asked his friends to describe him, they would say, "completely average". Average weight, height, voice, skills, and so on. His only unique feature would be his eyes. from birth his eyes would change color due to temperature and light. No one could explain this with current technology, and just call it a "abnormality". This is not often noticed by others though.

John West is a man who Gregory met by accident at work. he lives in a apartment complex close to Gregory, and has a girlfriend named Sophia. John is 27 years old and is the best looking guy that Gregory has ever met, as much as he hates to admit it, but is also his best friend. He is over 6 feet tall, and weighs less than average. John is usually very quiet and untalkative, but is very stubborn and persistent. He is also richer than Gregory, but just by a little. He comes from a family big on self-defence and discipline, which translates into being someone you want to be around during a crisis.

Sophia Miller is the girlfriend of John West. She is often seen as cheerful and excited, the exact opposite of John. Gregory has never seen her before, but John has said she is petite and cute. Sophia is almost always moving around and doing things, and never wants to stop. John spends most of his free time with her and never complains afterward. if Sophia had to describe their relationship, she would say "normal."

James Haytham is a game developer who was known to be one of the best. Gregory has seen him more than once, and the impressions keep getting worse. James is seen as a social butterfly, and is often spotted while talking with people. Gregory calls him two-face, and for a good reason. James rise to fame came with his help in the making of TTR (The Three Realms). He can often be described as "pretentious" by Gregory, and "modest" by everyone else.