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Rebirth of Roland Wimbledon

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Roland remembered going to sleep, after Anna had left. He had been perfecting a few blueprints. He had transmigrated as Roland Wimbledon, the Fourth Prince of Graycastle. He was assigned to the worst territory in Graycastle. He had been successfully developing Border Town, with the help of a few witches.... Anna, Nightingale, Wendy.... Things had been looking up, even though the Church was being a real pain recently.Roland remembered going to sleep late last night, after Anna had left. Roland felt as if someone was calling him. He could hear Bob Marley 'Jammin' in the background."Your Highness, wake up…" Wait! Bob Marley!!! Roland felt his head spinning.Join Roland as he wakes up in a different timeline and joins the witches' in their war against the church, albeit in a different way and time.