3 A gift for you

 " Rahul Verma... ??" the man stutters.

" Yes.." a sinister smile blooms on the young man's face.

The man on the board finally understands why this man is here.

Rahul Verma.. How every man envied him.. The heartthrob of many..

He is the CEO of Indian Vibes clothing brand and owns a modelling agency. A billionaire at the age of 27 and voted as the most eligible bachelor of India.

As the rumors say.. He is more bewitching and handsome when seen in person. A well-built body and toned muscles can be seen as he is wearing a simple white t-shirt and blue torn jeans. Dark obsidian black eyes as if they can suck in a person's soul are now staring at him with a ruthless gaze. He never expected that this seemingly harmless man to have a ruthless side to him.

He finally remembered the incident three years ago. It has been three years already. He never expected that this man will come back for revenge after three years.

He personally witnessed his cruel methods. He finally realised that he will not be able to leave here with his life. He finally gave up his struggle and for the first time in his life he understood pain.. he finally understood what it means to loose hope...

This man is scary.. to successfully maintain his godly image while concealing his grim reaper image... This man is not simple..

Scary.. Yes scary..

The man on the board feels his limbs go numb, but he slowly speaks with a taunting voice " You are avenging your sister.. he he.. what a pity.. we also did not think of leaving her after tasting her for a month.. she is.."

"Ah..." a painful scream reverberates in the dark room.

Before letting him finish the young man finally takes his knife and swiftly moves forward towards him. In the next moment he cuts his fingers interrupting his foul speech and throws the knife away.

" Don't speak about my sister." the young man coldly roars at him.

" You and your group of filthy friends tormented her for a month after injuring me. It's a shame that my aunt was fooled by you. Did you think that I will let you off easily. Dream on!!" the young man slowly squeezes these words.

" Don't worry. I will not spare your friends" after saying these words the young man leaves the room with the old butler.

After leaving the room, Rahul Verma immediately goes for a bath. After freshening himself he relaxes himself.

He takes his phone and stares at a certain contact for a while before dialing it.

After a while, a clear and charming voice a young woman answers " Big brother.. What's up?"

" Bianca.. Big brother prepared a gift for you.. When you are free come to my house.." Rahul Verma answers with a gentle smile as if his previous cold and ruthless actions are a facade.


Bianca has a faint speculation that it must be one of those foul men. She had already received four such gifts. Only her so called ex-fiancée is remaining.

So, Bianca's mood greatly improved as she happily replied "Sure brother.. I will be coming tomorrow and thanks bro for your gift."

Rahul Verma chuckles " Anything for you.. I am having a meeting at 10:00 AM. So, I will leaving now. Take care.. Bye-bye"

" Bye brother" Bianca ends the call and smiles to herself.