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A Masters Ambition

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From a young age, Yun Bai he lived in a world where the strong ate the weak, where on rises against heaven from the lowest of depths with all practitioners aiming to stand at the peak. Through turmoil and strife, Yun Bai successfully reached the peak, but at what cost? Family and friends were none to be seen, as he realized the lone path he walked. After pondering for so long he soon decided to leave his legacy behind, to imprint his mark on the world.Sadly, plotted against various factions led him to the brink of death. With a final breath, he detonated his cultivation and regretted his last wish was not meant to be. Apparently, it seemed like God existed as he was reincarnated into a new world different from the thousands of years he lived through. Join Yun Bai as he traverses the new world and makes the most of his second chance.